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Power Circuit Breakers & Circuit Switchers

Perform scheduled preventive maintenance on air, oil, vacuum, SF6 Power circuit breakers and SF6 gas insulated circuit switchers and their associated operating mechanisms and control systems.
  • Insulation Power Factor
  • Contact Time-travel Analysis
  • Contact Resistance Test
  • Bushing Current Transformer Tests (Ratio, Polarity And Saturation)
  • Filter Insulating Oil As Required
  • Perform Oil Dielectric Test
  • Oil Color (before and after filtering)
  • Inspect Operating Mechanism-Adjust, Lubricate and Clean As Required
  • Check Control Wire
  • Check Auxiliary AC and Heaters
  • Check Trip and Close Coil Resistance's
  • Perform Pressure System Checks As Recommended by Manufacturer
  • Perform Primary Current Injection Tests and Calibrate Protective Devices
  • Perform Secondary Current Injection Tests
  • Perform Insulation Resistance and Over potential Tests