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Circuit Reclosers

To perform scheduled preventive maintenance in the field on automatic circuit re-closers and their associated hydraulic or electronic controls.
  • Contact Resistance Test
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Bushing Current Transformer Tests, (Ratio, Polarity, Saturation)
  • Bushing Inspection
  • Oil Dielectric Testing
  • Oil Filtering or Replacement, as Appropriate
  • Inspection of Contacts, Interrupters, Tank Liner, Gaskets
  • Cleaning Internal Components and Flushing with Clean Oil
  • Testing Manual Operation after Re-tanking
  • Testing Electric Operation after Re-tanking
The control unit will be tested and calibration checked in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations and specifications. This will include:
  • Battery Check
  • Coordinated Control - re-closer Test
  • Minimum Trip Current Test - Phase and Ground
  • Trip Time Test - Phase and Ground
  • Re-closing Time Test
  • Reset Time Test