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Protective Relaying

Perform scheduled preventive maintenance in the field on protective relaying. Below are items on the recommended standard maintenance schedule for protective relays. Inspect relays for physical damage; inspect cover glass, cover gasket, presence of foreign material and moisture, condition of spiral spring, disc clearance, contacts and case grounds.
  • Check mechanically for freedom of movement, proper travel and alignment, and tightness of mounting hardware and tap plugs.
  • Test pick-up parameters on each operating element.
  • Perform timing test at three points on time dial curve.
  • Perform pick-up test on target and seal-in units.
  • Perform special tests as required to check operation of restraint, directional and other elements per manufacturer's instruction manual.
Electrical and mechanical connections will be checked, and the relays will be cleaned. Adjustments and minor repairs will be performed, as necessary.